Student Employment

In an effort to support student employees impacted by COVID-19 and experiencing a loss of wages that has caused a financial hardship, we created a Loss of Wages intake form.

We have been working with Campus Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations, Financial Aid & Scholarships, and other campus partners to determine solutions and provide guidance to our student employees seeking support. While the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) is usually able to support students in financial crisis, the magnitude of COVID-19 is making it challenging to counsel students 1:1 via ECRT.

As a first step, we have asked all students that submitted an inquiry to contact their departments or supervisors for instructions regarding work study, remote work, and/or paid administrative leave eligibility, specific to their individual needs. See the two attached messages that went to students, and key points below:

  • Over the past several days, UC President Janet Napolitano issuance of an Executive Order regarding the usage of paid administrative leave during COVID-19.
  • UCLA has issued Campus Guidance for managers and supervisors regarding the use of paid administrative leave in relation to COVID-19.
  • Campus Human Resources has also developed Frequently Asked Questions to help departments and staff members navigate the resources that are available.
  • We have also learned  from our Employee and Labor Relations that in addition to regular staff employees, student employees qualify for the paid administrative leave.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships has received guidance from The Federal Department of Education regarding payment of work study and has issued a Work Study Memo with guidance.

We understand that the above options may still leave a resource gap for our students, as they navigate the current and evolving situation. We remain committed to supporting our students during these unprecedented times. If a student employee is still experiencing a financial hardship, after connecting with their employer and is in need additional support, please encourage them to complete the Financial Hardship Request Form. This expanded intake form collects additional information and will further assist us in determining each student’s specific needs and identify options to support those needs.

We ask that students only complete this form after they have contacted their employer regarding possible additional options through work study, developing a working remote schedule, or eligibility for Paid Administrative Leave.

We also recognize that students may be experiencing a financial hardship beyond loss of wages. If so, please encourage them contact ECRT by completing the Self-Assessment Form on the ECRT website.