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A message from Jennifer Osorio, Librarian for Latin American Studies, Iberian Studies and Ethnic Studies: 

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well! Just a reminder that if you are teaching next quarter and need digital alternatives, I may be able to help. Please let me know so I can look into what’s available. Not all print books are available as e-books, for example, but so far we’ve been able to find them for most requests.

Also, many vendors are opening up content that was previously behind paywalls and there is a list here that is being updated as announcements are made: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vT3pF6oX93Ok0GqSvQuqOhQRTVF7lgxzq5GS3alUZsWyz2Q6SS3fl3wyMc1-XBhcjMQFoOXGhRZzGRT/pub

Best wishes,

Jennifer Osorio
Head, International Studies
Librarian for Latin American Studies, Iberian Studies and Ethnic Studies
UCLA Library

An email from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, TA Training Program:


A message from UCLA Transportation:

Dear Parking Permit Holder,

As you are probably aware, Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles ordered all residents to stay home starting March 19, through April 19, 2020, in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. As a result, UCLA is suspending all nonessential on-campus operations.

With the closure of the campus, courtesy parking is available for employees and students who must come to campus to support essential services during this period in order to reduce reliance on public transportation and avoid crowds. Additionally, employees and students with parking permits will not be charged for parking during this period, even those using payroll deduction.

As a reminder, payroll deduction parking permits are paid in the month following your permit effective dates. Understanding that a large number of staff on payroll deduction did not use their permit for the full month of March, UCLA Transportation is pro-rating the deductions. As a result of these efforts, customers can expect the following:

  • Biweekly employees will only see one deduction in April, not two.
  • Monthly employees will have their scheduled deduction cut in half.
  • Deductions for future months will similarly be pro-rated or waived, until the campus resumes normal operations.

Please do not cancel your parking permit at this time. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at transportation@ts.ucla.edu. Our staff will be monitoring email remotely to continue to serve you.


UCLA Transportation

Remote Meeting via Zoom (Teleconferences/Audio Calls)
Zoom is UCLA’s choice for video and web conferencing and it’s services are provided in a simple, easy-to-use format.
  • To access Zoom, go to https://ucla.zoom.us/profile
  • Login using your UCLA Logon ID
  • Join Meeting and type the meeting ID for the appropriate staff member. It will take about 1 minute for the call to connect.
Ellie Hernández
Sandy Garcia
Isamara Ramirez
Department Slack 

COVID-19 Policies

Meal Reimbursements 

Travel Reimbursements

  • All nonessential University-related international and domestic travel is suspended until further notice.
  • To request approval to engage in essential travel, faculty must obtain written approval form their Dean prior to the trip. Students and guest traveling for UCLA business and using University funds must obtain a Dean’s, Vice Chancellor’s or Vice Provost’s written approval, as well. If booking through the UC Travel center, please provide with approval to the agent at the time of booking.
  • https://www.travel.ucla.edu/