COVID-19 Expenses

Given that travel to conferences will likely not happen this year, the department is modifying the conference travel award to a Research Expenses During COVID Safe-at-Home Orders for this upcoming year. The department is providing students with up to $250 for research-related expenses. If additional funds become available we will send out an email to notify everyone. Please see the important notes below.

Per University policy, expenses may NOT include: Memberships (as opposed to registration) in the organization running the conference attended; Computer or other electronics or equipment (e.g., MP3 player, camera); Alcoholic beverages; Transcription services; Tuition and/or fees for credit-bearing courses; Recreation/social events; Payment to study participants.

Note: Based on a new policy, there are certain expenses that must be paid for directly by the MSO. Please consult with me prior to making any purchase. Not doing so may result in our inability to reimburse you.

The form must be completed before purchasing and submitted to the main office.