Office Hours

Please use the following table to locate Winter 2021 office hours for Chicana/o Studies instructors and teaching assistants.

Note: Instructors should have provided Zoom IDs for virtual office hours to enrolled students only. For all other inquiries, email the instructors to set an appointment via Zoom. The department will not be providing Zoom IDs.

CourseInstructorEmailOffice Hours
Chicano 10B
Chicano M18Abrego,
Chicano 89Zepeda-Millan, C.czm@ucla.eduTBA
Chicano CM106/C276Hayes-Bautista,
Chicano CM110Gonzalez,
Chicano 113BRamirez-Oropeza, M.marthae@g.ucla.eduby Appointment Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 – 4:00 PM
Chicano M114Martinez,
Chicano M118Abrego,
Chicano 127Martinez,
Chicano 129Andalon,
Chicano M133Gaspar de Alba,
Chicano 138BCarpio,
Chicano 142Ellis,
Chicano 153ABoj Lopez,
Chicano 169BMacias,
Chicano M174AXRidley Thomas,
Chicano M175Lopez Gaspar de Alalma@ucla.eduTR 12noon – 1pm or by Appointment
Chicano 181Espino,
Chicano 188-1Villegas Rivera,
Chicano 188-2Frias,
Chicano 191Blackwell,
Chicano 201Macias, R.F.reynaldo@chavez.ucla.eduMondays, 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM, or by appt
Chicano 238Black, C.V.cvblack@HUMNET.UCLA.EDU
Chicano 291-1Rivera,
Chicano 291-2Romero, R.C.rcromero@chavez.ucla.eduWednesdays 1-2 p.m., and by appointment.
Chicano 291-3Carpio, G.G.gcarpio@chavez.ucla.eduTBA
CourseTAEmailOffice Hours
Chicano M174A
Disc 1A
Chicano CM106
Disc 1C, 1D
Chicano 153AJoana
Chicano 10B
Disc 1K, 1L
Kevin Cruz Amayakcruz53@g.ucla.eduFridays 2-4pm PST
Chicano 10B
Disc 1D, 1M
Chicano CM106
Disc 1B
Joana Fernandez Nuñ
Chicano 153AAndrew
Chicano 10B
Disc 1H, 1N
Chicano 153ABriceida
Chicano 138BBrenda
Chicano 10B
Disc 1J, 1O
Chicano 10B
Disc 1C, 1E
Gabriela Rodriguez Gomezgrgomez@ucla.eduWeds. 10AM to 12:00PM (noon) PST
Chicano 10B
Disc 1B, 1P
Chicano 10B
Disc 1A, 1G
Chicano CM106
Disc 1A
Chicano 291Nadia Zepedanadiazepeda1@ucla.eduTuesdays 9am – 10am & Thursday 5pm – 6pm