For prospective students, admissions into any of our undergraduate programs is solely handled by UCLA admissions. The Department of Chicano and Chicano Studies does not handle any aspect of the undergraduate admission process. For more information, please visit UCLA Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

For current UCLA students who would like to declare a Chicana and Chicano Studies major, please contact the Student Affairs Officer, Eleuteria “Ellie” Hernandez, at

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I declare the Major or Minor?

At this time, the Department has not placed a limit on the number of undergraduate majors or minors at UCLA. The Department does stipulate that in order to declare CS major or minor, you must not be on academic probation. If you are a continuing student, you must have completed CS10A and CS10B, and the courses have been completed and the grades posted, you may visit a departmental counselor to declare the major or minor.

Adding a Second Major

Please go to the College of Letters and Science’s web page concerning the procedures for declaring a second major:

Can I have more than one minor?

Yes, you can have more than one minor and a maximum of three.