UCLA Summer Programs:

There are two summer programs offered by UCLA that can be used to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

Find more information at ieo.edu.edu or visit the International Education Office in Murphy Hall.

Spanish: Granada, Barcelona, and Madrid

A minimum of one-quarter of Spanish is a prerequisite for the beginning curriculum.

Enjoy your summer in Spain while studying Spanish language and culture in the cities of Granada, Barcelona and Madrid.

In addition to studying Spanish and practicing the language outside the confines of the classroom, you will discover, via day-trips, other cities in Castile and Andalusia, such as Segovia, Toledo, Cordoba, and Sevilla.

Spanish: Merida

Mérida, Mexico is the perfect place to study Spanish language or Mexican literature.

You will participate in a number of cultural excursions to the most important Mayan ruins, the Yucatecan cenotes, and protected wildlife reserves.This program also includes a multi-day excursion to the Caribbean coastline to visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum, among other cultural attractions.

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP):

The UC system-wide Education Abroad Programs offer quarter-long to year-long study abroad study at participating universities. There are multiple opportunities to study in Spanish speaking countries and fulfill the foreign language requirement.

For more information on programs and how to successfully petition for fulfillment of the foreign language requirement, visit the UCEAP website or visit the International Education Office in Murphy Hall.